Sankalpa Intention Mat for Crown Chakra Support – Awakened Lotus – for Activating Intentions


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Crown Chakra Support

Designed to support your crown chakra, this soft to the touch mat comes with a beautiful seer crystal, intention pad, and a pen to spell your intention into reality.

The crown chakra is located two inches above the head and represents one’s connection to the Divine, universe and soul. A healthy crown chakra promotes feelings of spiritual connection and strengthens the connection to Spirit. Visualizing white light pouring into the top of your head stimulates the chakra.

Intention = Reality

What we focus on we create in our reality.

How to use your Sankalpa Intention Mat:

Each time you come to the mat, set an intention for your practice or your day. As a focal point, place the Sankalpa (“intention” in Sanskrit) Mat at the top of your yoga mat, in your meditation space, or in any comfortable place to express your desire or positive thought for what you want to manifest in the world. Spell out your intention on a piece of paper and place over the sacred geometry in the center of the mat. Add a crystal on top of the written intention and say the intention to yourself or aloud. This will create a sacred space for you to start manifesting your desired intention.

You can also light a candle, center your awareness in the rhythm of the breath, and offer up your promise to yourself, or pull an angel, tarot or intention card from your favorite deck. Everything begins with a thought, begin your practice, or day, with a focused, positive frame of mind and watch the magic unfold!

How to Set Intentions Using Your Sankalpa Intention Mat

  1. Make a commitment to create space daily for setting intentions with the Sankalpa Intention Mat™. It is most effective to set an intention (plan-purpose-goal) when in a quiet space without distraction. Mornings are ideal, before awareness shifts to the tasks of the day. It is a great way to focus before a yoga practice, meditation, or at any point in the day, when you are able to dedicate at least five minutes to the process.
  2. Focus on what you want to generate in your life. When you begin working with intentions, make them simple, affirmative statements. If you desire to manifest love, for example, offer a statement like, “With Divine love and grace, I intend to attract abundant love into my daily life, to benefit everyone I encounter. Thank you.” Always include others as beneficiaries of your intention, so the intention is soul-centered rather than ego-based. Saying “thank you” puts us in a state of gratitude, which dissolves resistance and opens the conduit to receive. In order to track your manifestation progress, you may want to record your intentions in a journal. Note~ If we continuously offer the same intention, we indicate to the Universe we doubt the intention will materialize. Doubt is our biggest obstacle to manifesting desires. Once is enough.
  3. Place the Sankalpa Intention Mat™, crystal, pen, and paper in front of you. When offering an intention before a yoga practice, use the front of the mat as a focal point. First, center the awareness in the body, and become conscious of the breath to quiet the mind. Connect to the vast network of energy that surrounds us all and connects us with the Universe. With gratitude in your heart, speak the intention to yourself or aloud, if appropriate. Write the intention on a piece of paper and place it under a crystal in the middle of the Sankalpa Intention Mat™. Each step is an activation that strengthens the intention and creates a sacred space for the energy of the intention to grow.
  4. During a yoga practice or meditation, use the visual of the Sankalpa Intention Mat™, as a cue to reinforce the intention, or to reestablish focus, should the mind drift. After meditation, gaze at the Sankalpa Intention Mat™, and allow your intention to permeate your being with a deep sense of gratitude. If using the Sankalpa Intention Mat™ at the start of the day, you may choose to keep the mat within your peripheral vision at home or work, or you may take a photo of the space and look at it throughout the day. Add the photo to the lock screen of your phone to act as a visual reminder of your intention.
  5. As you begin to see your intention manifest, offer love and gratitude to your own soul and the Universe for conspiring to enhance your greater wellbeing. Congratulations, you’re doing it!


The intention mat is handmade. Crystals vary in size and color.


Wash separately in cool or warm water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. If required, use an iron with a light touch with the printed side down for the best results. Use the iron on a synthetic setting only. Higher temperatures may result in color transfer and melting of fabric.

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