Sankalpa Intention Mat – Solar Plexus Chakra Support

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Designed to support your solar plexus chakra, this mat comes with a beautiful seer crystal, intention pad, and a pen to spell your intention into reality.

The intention mat is handmade, so any perceived “defects” should be viewed as a reflection of the maker’s process. Crystals vary in size and color.

Intention = Reality

What we focus on we create in our reality. Each time you come to the mat, set an intention for your practice or your day. As a focal point, place the Sankalpa (“intention” in Sanskrit) Mat at the top of your yoga mat, in your meditation space, or in any comfortable place to express your desire or positive thought for what you want to manifest in the world. Spell out your intention on a piece of paper and place over the sacred geometry in the center of the mat. Add a crystal on top of the written intention and say the intention to yourself or aloud. This will create a sacred space for you to start manifesting your desired intention.

You can also light a candle, center your awareness in the rhythm of the breath, and offer up your promise to yourself, or pull an angel, tarot or intention card from your favorite deck. Everything begins with a thought, begin your practice, or day, with a focused, positive frame of mind and watch the magic unfold!

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.5 in

Size Chart

Approximately 26" (width of a standard yoga mat) by 6".